Welcome to the Power of 1

Welcome to the Power of 1

The website that helps you unlock your potential as an individual using the power of technology.

This website is really all about helping you realize your dreams by providing you with all possible assistance necessary. The Power of 1 is an accelerator that is geared for individuals only. We look for individuals with great ideas that can be spurred through the use of technology. We welcome all ideas across different sectors and themes. Those ideas can be about fashion, food, retail, entrepreneurship and so much more. Our only requirement is that it must be disruptive and will lead towards the improvement of people’s lives.

We work with a lot of partners from different sectors — oil and gas, electronics, fashion, culinary, etc. In fact, even home service companies such as A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee has partnered with us to help push the realization of great ideas by providing funding, trainings and mentorship and access to a great network of possible funders and partners.

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How do we choose the individuals whom to support? Here are our criteria:

Your idea must show potentials to change the world.

We are not simply looking for an idea. We are looking for ideas that not only have merit but are transformative, will change the way that we currently do things and will uplift the lives of communities and societies. We evaluate the possible impact of your ideas and how its effects will change the world.

Your idea must be novel and uniquely you.

Of course we do not want ideas that have simply been copied from others. We want unique solutions to the world’s problems, we want novel ideas to address old issues. And since we are focusing only on an individual, we want your ideas to have absolutely come from you. You may have been inspired by someone else or something that you have seen or others have done but definitely, your ideas must be your own.

You must be brave enough to fight for your idea.

Power of 1 will invest our resources,  fight for your idea.

The Power of 1 will invest our resources and will even mobilize our network to work with you and ensure that your ideas will be realized from the ground up. As such, we require you to have the courage to work with us until the end. We will work with you, stay with you and fight with you. Our only requirement is really for you to lead us to the realisation of your dreams.

Does all of these interest you? If so, we strongly suggest that you contact us now and help us bring your dreams to reality. You only have to send us an email about your idea and show us that you embody our criteria. In your brief, you have to convince us to invest in you, show us that you are worth our time and effort and that with you, good things will come and people will be able to benefit. We wish you the best of luck!

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