Rhia, 31

Thank you so much Power of 1! Because of you, I was able to transform my idea of helping out my people in Sudan gain access to water using creative and innovative technologies. We hope that through your work, you will be able to provide more good to the world and enable people like me to implement programs and projects that are really for the good of people and communities. I sincerely hope that you will continue what you are doing. All the best to you!

William C. of Classico Corporation

I am beyond pleased that I was able to team up with the Power of 1. They helped me realize my dream of helping out individuals who have great ideas, greater minds and creative hands in putting their experiments to the test in order to benefit the larger society. I am committed to continue helping more individuals bring their amazing ideas into reality.

Spencer, 65

I am a retiree and I know that my years in this earth are already numbered. As such, I am totally committed to leaving something good. I am donating half of my life savings to this cause. However, I choose to give it to gifted individuals who want to make a difference in medicine, cure diseases and help people who suffer from illnesses which are still currently incurable. I hope that Power of 1 continues its work.

Arthur, 25

I am one of the recipients of the Power of 1’s awards. Through it, I was able to get the appropriate training in order to build solar houses for poor and far-flung communities in Southeast Asia. With this, I was able to make a difference in their lives. It is such a good feeling and I hope to replicate my work in other places in Southeast Asia that need it most.

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