In this section, we provide all the most frequently asked questions that our visitors oftentimes send by email. We hope that you can take note of our answers.


What is Power of 1 all about?

The Power of 1 is an accelerator focused on individuals with great ideas to transform the world into a better place. We provide funding, trainings and mentorships plus access to our networks for funding and other possibilities.

If I have a great idea, can I come to you to help me make it happen?

Of course, that is what we are for. We really work towards making your transformative ideas happen. However, we have specific criteria in terms of choosing our partners or the individuals whom we support. These criteria include the following: a) ideas with potential to result to positive changes; must be novel or unique ideas; and you must be courages enough to embark on making your ideas a reality.

How will you help me make my idea a reality?

We work on three things — we provide you with funding, we connect you to mentors who are experts in the field or we provide you access to our bigger network which is composed of funders, experts and people with the capability to support your idea and make it happen.

What is your goal in helping me?

Our goal is simple. We want to make the world a better place. This is what we always stress to our partners. Thus, we want ideas that will make this happen. We only support ideas that will result into positive impacts.

How do you ensure that my idea will have positive impacts?

That is easy. We have experts among our team who will be evaluating your ideas in order to make sure that we are investing in the right idea and the correct individual.

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