Every person is unique and has something different to offer. You have something to offer to this world that no other person can do. Only you can be the best version of yourself. You have what it takes to make a difference. You know your own strengths and weaknesses. Use them to your advantage. And continue to improve yourself so that you can overcome your shortcomings like precision resistors low tolerance. Invest in yourself. Invest time, energy, and resources on yourself so that you can be the best that you can be. And when you get to that part, share that best version of yourself with the rest of the world through the work that you do or things that you do for others.

This already sounds like a cliché but it is really a powerful message. Believe in yourself. Believe in what you can do. Believe that you can fly high and achieve what you set your mind to achieve. It is really all in our mind. Our mind is so powerful. When we envision ourselves as winners, then we come out as winners. But when we think of ourselves as losers, then we come out as losers. It starts with having the right vision. It starts with having a dream. And then, you go ahead and chase those dreams.

When you have already envisioned your dream, tell yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. That becomes your mission. Motivation is important to get things done and accomplish the mission. It is the driving force that directs our behavior. Psychologists believe that motivation to learn can either come from the outside which is called extrinsic motivation, or it can also come from the inside of the person which is referred to as intrinsic motivation.  Experts say that you can study the life of great athletes and performers to be used as role models and emulate them in your life.  You should also be able to look past material rewards and recognition and focus on the happiness that comes from doing what you love to do. Be engaged in the process of learning and performing.  Do not be dependent on performance numbers and statistics because this neglects the value of true motivation that comes from the inside.  This is a more sustainable kind of motivation.   While driving forces to succeed can come from both the inside and outside, it is the intrinsic form of motivation or inner values that sustain an individual’s need to achieve.

It is all in the mind. Tell your mind that there is nothing that you cannot do. Do not put a limit on yourself. Dreams do not have boundaries. And most of all, do not be afraid to fail. Failures do not make you a loser. Quitting does that. Failures are there to help you learn the lessons that you need to make it big. Believing in yourself means that you are confident that you will eventually get to where you want to be and failures are just a temporary setback. There should be no barrier to achieving your dreams.

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